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About JesusHacks

JesusHacks—a twist on the popular term “lifehack”—is a step away from today’s self-centric personal development culture, to a Jesus-centric, biblical approach to how people change, live effectively, and impact the world around them.

The modern personal development and self-help culture primarily focuses on external success; how to become wealthy, gain position, and have all the possessions and pleasure that would make us happy. Essentially, It teaches us how to become the hero of our own story. In contrast, the Jesus-centric, biblical approach to personal development focuses on internal success, how to develop character, gain an eternal perspective on wealth and position, and have the impact Jesus calls us to. It teaches us how to make Jesus the hero of our story.

In today’s “crazy busy” and “always rushed” world, it’s difficult to focus on anything but what is directly in front of us. The Jesus-defined successful life, the eternal perspective and mindset, and the soul and character paradigm of personal growth is not the main priority of our time and energy. Today’s society praises the public, external, and career-oriented life much more than it does the quiet, internal life and character of the heart, mind and soul.

For example, it’s easier to care more about money and fame than it is to care about integrity, kindness and humility. But Jesus never focused on money and fame because that’s not what changes or brings the impact of His redemption to the world. In some senses, Jesus could be considered to be externally successful in His impact on the world, even while physically present. But His external success was totally dependent on and driven from his internal relationship with His Father. External success will always lean on the strength of our internal life. What is inside our heart, mind, and soul will come out in the world around us and impact for the better or worse. This being the case, why do we spend so much more time cultivating our public persona than we do our inner character?

Today’s self-help and personal-development resources all search for the magical solution for what makes us happy, healthy, and successful in life. They often focus on short-term strategies and methods, quick hacks, tips, and tricks to help us become the better us. But is that really the answer to how we become better people? While some of these techniques are helpful, they are disconnected from the overall framework for life that Jesus gives us through His teaching.

As Jesus taught, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Instead of focusing on gaining temporary success in this life by taking a self-centric approach to personal growth, at JesusHacks, we believe in gaining eternal success in the next life by taking a Jesus-centric approach to personal growth.

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